So this was a bit of a change for me when I was asked to give my honest opinion on a mans antiperspirant stick. I can’t deny that I kind of chuckled but hey if it works it works right? Well I wasn’t about to find this out personally so I asked the boyfriend to give Degree Men Ultraclear Black + White Fresh Antiperspirant Stick a go. Chick Advisor is great for sending out new products in exchange for honest opinions and thankfully the other half decided it couldn’t hurt to try.

I asked him to give me his thoughts on the product and who knew how well he would sum it up. He said following. “I have been using this Degree Ultraclear Black + White for about two weeks now and I really like this product. I am a shift worker and am often working a 12hr day. I find that the Degree Ultraclear Black + White does its job as described. I wear mostly black or coloured shirts and found that almost no white marks were left on my shirts. I often get rashes from deodorants so I am often very selective about what I buy. (this is the truth!) I can safely say I will be adding Degree Ultraclear Black + White to my shopping list. The only down side I would say it did not help with sweat as much as I would have liked but it definitely masks any odour.”

So there you have it folks, from the mans mouth to your ears or should I say eyes in this case. This antiperspirant comes highly recommended and if you are a shift worker it’s worth giving a try.

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