Can I just say YUMMMMMMM !!!

So today I opened my front door to a beautiful coating of snow sprinkled outside and a box at my feet from Influenster. I was fortunate enough to have received a voxbox containing the new Dempster’s Deluxe The Pull-Aparts that I have seen advertised recently. I did try to get them at my local grocery store but didn’t have much luck so you could imagine just how happy I was to these on my front step.

Shall I begin with the cute packaging that seems like it was purposely made to tease you because you can see the rolls on the side. I am so use to seeing the typical white and blue bags that bread usually comes in therefor the orange and yellow is a nice change. These rolls are delicious, soft and have a touch of sweetness added to them. The sweetness is not too much so no need to feel guilty if you are trying to shed a few pounds. They are so fresh that you can still see the dusting of flour on the rolls. They are so easy to ‘pull apart’ and are a great serving size for any dish. The only thing that I might have found a bit different was that they seemed to be a bit chewy. It seemed a bit weird for me but hey everybody’s got a different opinion.

With the cooler weather now upon us I decided to try these rolls with a bowl of pea soup. I usually have it with crackers but this was such a wonderful and tasty change. I plan on purchasing these in the future for family get togethers so they can all join in on the taste. Thank you to Influenster and Dempster’s Bakery for this special treat.

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