I really have to start this review off by mentioning that I am not a huge fan of chips but I will pop open a bag from time to time to enjoy them with friends and/or family. The Doritos Dinamita bags have been eyeing me and calling my name at a local convenient store for the last little while. They read ‘Limited Time Only’ so I figured that it was a perfect excuse to dip into a bag, or three? I bought them and brought them home to the family (because you know, I don’t want to eat them all to myself) so that we could indulge in a little taste test.

What first caught my attention with the chips on the shelf were the bright colors of the bags. I was a bit intimidated by the whole spicy aspect of them but thought it would be fun to try anyway. To be quite honest, Doritos have come out with spicy chips in the past but haven’t really hit the mark with them (in my opinion) so I didn’t think that they would be that hot.Β  Keep reading to see just how wrong I was.

Let’s start off with the MOJO CITRON flavor as it is the only one of the three that wasn’t too spicy. The cute little tubular shapes make for a much cleaner snack. It’s a chip that bursts with so many individual flavors all at once but yet you can taste each and every one. There’s chili, lemon, lime and pepper all wrapped into one.Β  I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste maybe because there was so much happening with each bite. I guess it’s an acquired taste but my family and friends all agreed while tasting that this was not a big hit. It was a good chip don’t get me wrong but the after taste was horrible and it just didn’t make my toes curl.

Time for the NACHO PICOSO chip. A spicy but not too too spicy chip that is also packed with flavor. The best way to explain its flavor is probably to compare it to Doritos Jalepeno Cheddar chips. It is packed with a cheesy cheddar taste and a zing of jalapeno peppers.Β  Because it had a bit of a familiar taste it didn’t scream NEW or limited time to me. It was a bit hotter in taste but nothing really special for me.



Last but not least my favorite of the three CHILI LEMON. Every frikin bite was delicious, hot, full of flavor and thirst inducing. I literally had tears in my eyes after eating the first couple of chips. As much as it was a heat inducing experience it was also a flavorful venture. I kept thinking to myself that these chips were too spicy but I just couldn’t get enough. Like honestly, this was the only bag that I kind of complained about its size. Out of all my friends and family I think I was the only one that kept going back to this bag so of course it was me that polished them all off. Everyone thought that they were way too hot however I enjoyed them very much, heat and everything.

These Doritos Dinamita limited edition chips were a great treat. I especially liked the tubular shape as it left no mess. There will always be a bit of cheese left on your hands with Doritos but these chips are perfect and I believe that they are a hit in general. I hope they consider making them a continued item. If you have the opportunity and see them out there on a shelf pick one up and give it a go. Let me know what you think below in the comments!

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