I’m not one to fuss too too much over deodorants because I’m not that much of a ‘sweater’ as I’m always doing my best to stay cool. From time to time I like to try different sticks because I find that some tend to leave a bit of a white mark and it’s a bit hard to get out of my shirts. I wear a lot of dark shirts so this has created a bit of a problem for me. Chick Advisor gave me the opportunity to try out Dove’s Advanced Care Invisible Sheer Cool Antiperspirant Stick to hear what I thought about it.

I opened it up to see how it smelt and I was pleasantly surprised as it had a soft floral scent which was not overpowering at all. It went on smooth and left me feeling fresh all day. I noticed after a couple of days that my underarms felt like they had been moisturized (nice bonus). I also found that I had no white marks left on my shirt as I sometimes do so this for me was a win.

All in all I find that the big selling point for Dove’s Advanced Care Invisible Sheer Cool Antiperspirant Stick would be that it doesn’t leave any white marks on my shirts. I know they also advertise that it provides up to 48 hours of protection but for me personally I’ve showered twice within that time. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wears a lot of dark colors and is tired of them little white stains in the pits.

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