The cold and bitter winter weather has caused many of us to reach for those expensive moisturizing creams for our face but we also so need that special moisture on the rest of our body. I recently received a complimentary bottle of @dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Cucumber & Green Tea Scented Body Wash from @InfluensterCA in exchange for my honest review. I was super excited to try this out.

Of course the first thing that I did when I opened the package was reach for the body wash, pop it open and take a sniff. Guess what? I loved it. It wasn’t over powering but gave such a nice nose full of freshness. Yes, it smells ‘fresh’. The scent of cucumber is really all that I got from it however that is in no way a bad thing because like I said I loved it.

Now onto how this body wash did its job. I am no stranger to Dove’s body wash, I have used it many times before but it’s not my go to for shower time. The Go Fresh Cool Moisture is new to me and I’m glad I tried it. As for the foaming aspect of a typical body wash, it sits somewhere in the middle. It took quite a bit to get a lather going but it did happen. Again that scent was glorious.

My favorite part of the body wash was the after effect. I have a routine of applying moisturizer to my skin after jumping out of the shower. I immediately noticed how smooth my skin felt before even putting any on. I also used it on the soles of my feet and noticed a bit of a difference there as well.

Overall I was very pleased with the product and would consider purchasing it in the future. The only thing that I think needs work is the ‘lather’ department. I would still go out and recommend this to friends and family especially because of its smell and overall feel of your skin afterwards.

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