First Things First

Hey all,

Hope this post catches you in a good mood and hopefully there is a smile on your face. This is my first personal blog that I am sharing with the world. I mean sure I have shared my biz on social media previously on sites like Facebook & Instagram, however this is a whole new gig. I have already created a website devoted to Heavy Metal Music and have helped a few friends make sites of their own which where much less personal. Here I am looking forward to sharing my struggles, my thoughts on some of the latest products to hit the market and damn I can’t forget the jokes and sports talk.
Most of my struggles deal with a disease that I have which is called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Only 1 in 2,500 people will be struck with this disease. It has put a bit of a damper on some of my daily habits, things like writing because my hands tend to shake when I am holding a pen or pencil for too long (its most annoying when I am doing make up, you know the struggle ladies). I am pretty stubborn so I am always doing my best to fight it but hey I’m only human () so naturally it’s going to set me back from time to time. Because of this disease I have developed a generalized anxiety that I also struggle with each day. It has caused me to feel like I can’t go anywhere by myself for fear that something may happen. What? you ask… I have no idea and that is why I struggle with it and have reached out for help. I love my sports and it has sometimes kept me from going to games. I will overcome these nasty thoughts and promise to not hold back and share my thoughts with you as they come and go.
SO this is officially my First Daily Dose, short, simple and sweet….. Stay tuned for more in the near future πŸ˜‰

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