How do you conquer your struggles?

Hey all, hope you had an awesome week !
Do you ever feel like time flies when you are having fun? I sure do. I guess that’s why I think there just isn’t enough hours in one day. WOW It’s all starting to make sense now, a serious MIND-BLOWN moment. Just kidding but it does make a heck of a lot of sense.
So, remember when I wrote about the little struggles we all face from time to time and how I touched on the fact that I openly admitted to dealing with generalized anxiety? Well I have been working hard at beating obstacles one after the other, day after day. I know it might sound silly to some but driving more than a few blocks on my own has been a problem out of nowhere (literally out of nowhere) and this past week I have been getting behind the wheel actually looking for a reason to get out on the road. It has been a slow kind of process but I’ve been doing really great with it. Am I driving on the highway again yet? Nope but all in due time. If you deal with generalized anxiety you know how hard some shit can get. I was ‘afraid’ to go places alone, drive alone, take public transit, go to social gatherings, etc. It got to the point that I would get panic attacks if I had to do any of those simple tasks. My family doctor had prescribed Zoloft for me when I explained what was going on. Ya NO, not for me, thanks for coming out doc. (now I’m not saying that if you or any one you know takes Zoloft that it’s a bad thing, I just know for me it’s not a permanent solution) If you really know me you’d probably be surprised with all that I am telling you. It doesn’t make any sense to me either but it is what it is and I’m getting great at kicking it’s ass. No thanks to the therapist CAMH who diagnosed me and said he would get back to me about joining group sessions to work on this ugly beast trying to hold me back. It’s been over six months and still nothing. Had to learn to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on my own. Learnt some breathing techniques and how to use mindfulness to get through some hard times. If I can do it so can you πŸ™‚ Just know that there isn’t any obstacle you can’t overcome if you try, try and try again.
Now that you know a bit more about me and my struggles (which I’m kicking to the curb) why not let me know in the comments how you are taking care of your struggles. It doesn’t have to be anxiety either, it can be anything that you have conquered recently. I’m truly interested in how others are beating their tough times.
Cheers until the next episode!

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