I was pleasantly surprised not too long ago when I opened my monthly IPSY Glam Bag and found a in the bag. Right away I thought ‘woohoo I’ve been waiting to try these out’ and it was a huge win because it was the actual size and not one of those little testers.

Now I have to explain my excitement here a bit. When I was younger my mother took a makeup course and at the time MAC Cosmetics was what everyone who is anyone was using. Naturally it became a product that I grew quite familiar with and still to this day love using however over the past couple of years I’ve decided to broaden my makeup taste and try out new products from other companies. Queue in ‘IPSY Glam Bags’ and this is basically the reason that I’ve been receiving them for the past couple of years.

Back to HUDA BEAUTY. I had this company on my radar for a while now after seeing a few bloggers swear by their products and reading some stellar reviews about how great they are. The is the first product that I have tried from their company. I absolutely love love love the packaging , it’s sleek, modern, soft and cool. I am very pleased with the overall experience of the product that I tested. Unfortunately I didn’t get to chose my color so I am reviewing the shade called FLIRT. It’s a bit of a sexy light brownish color. I’m not going to lie, it looks lighter on the package than it is and it was a bit dark for my liking at first. I had used a lip liner prior but soon found out that it wasn’t really necessary to use with this product. It might just be because of the color of my skin so I would still recommend using a liner to see what works best for you. The doe-foot applicator helps the lipstick fit nicely along your lips natural contours. I also have to mention that the lipstick goes on a bit shiny but it is definitely a matte finish. It has a vanilla-Coconut scent and although not very strong is worth noting if you are sensitive to scented products.

The only thing that I feel needs a bit of improvement is the length of time that it stays on. I mean I am use to lipsticks staying on for a long time (guess I’m blessed that way) to begin with so I was a bit shocked at how quick it faded. It faded nicely and didn’t end up chunky or anything so that was a plus.

Overall I think that this product is a win for me. If you are in the market to try out new brands and want something with a good bang for the buck look into HUDA BEAUTY and their Liquid Matte Lipsticks. I’m going to have to try out their eye shadow palettes next.


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