I’m in my 40’s and suffer from this thing we all know called ‘aging’ and while I believe that I do it gracefully I still have them dreadful dark circles under my eyes. It’s been a problem my whole life to be honest. I am new to it Cosmetics! and by new I mean that I have never heard about them until I received Bye Bye Under Eye in my monthly Ipsy Cosmetics bag. What a difference this little wonder makes to my over all makeup routine.

The amount that is needed to cover the under eye area is ridiculously small. You have to make sure to blend it in really well. Although it does come out a little bit pasty, a touch of moisturizer mixed in with it does wonders. This product is waterproof and will last all day unlike some other concealers that only stick around for a couple of hours at best. And … Proof is in the pudding because when I went to wash it off the first time it looked like it was still there until I used my eye makeup remover. Not only does the product cover the areas when needed it also strengthens the skin under the eye because of its high concentrations of Vitamin C,E,A,K and collagen.

it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is designed for women of all ages and all skin tones. I would highly recommend this little jewel to anyone and everyone to add to their daily beauty routine. Thanks it Cosmetics for making me look and feel younger once again !

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