The great weather is here so naturally it’s time for outdoor get togethers, BBQ’s, pool parties, snacks and drinks, etc. With all this time spent with friends and family why not be the one to introduce people to the new Honey BBQ flavored Lay’s Poppables. I was recently asked byΒ @InfluensterΒ /@InfluenstercaΒ to try these tasty little crispy potato snacks out and I can’t thank them enough.

Like most chips, the opening of the bag is always an immediate pleasure simply because of the initial smell. Woooooof! Once opened you can smell the BBQ right away however it isn’t overpowering or tickling your nose hairs. It’s a rather pleasant scent. Then in comes the first bite of these light and crunchy crispers. Yummm. These poppables are soooooooo flavorful. I can best describe it as a smoky BBQ honey crisp. Most BBQ chips don’t have that smokey taste to them and for that I would say that Lay’s has really made this one a hit. I can’t forget to add the sweet taste of honey that each Poppable has as well, it has just enough to compliment the BBQ.

One of the things that I liked most about these crisps is the fun shape that they come in. A lot of the times chips tend to make a bit of a mess with little bits landing on your shirt or lap. Because each chip is shaped the same way and are all bite size it’s hard to make a mess. Lay’s have definitely done their research when coming up with this style of chips. They have found a way to make eating chips fun and flavorful. I will be purchasing these type of chips for all my upcoming friend and family get togethers.

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