Ahhhhhhhhhhh for the love of chocolate everyone should at least try this delicious desert at least once (I can guarantee it wont stop there). I must start by saying that I am not a big ice cream fan and will usually pass on it at parties. But….. It was really hot out the other day and I had been doing chores for the better part of the afternoon and looked for something refreshing to drink. I opened up the freezer to grab a few ice cubes and low and behold there was a box of Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Bars. I decided to take one for the for the boyfriend and I. Nice packaging was the first thing that came to mind. Sounds simple but I am just being honest here. I opened it up and right away noticed the M stamp on the bottom of the chocolate, “cool” I thought, they put a lot into this. The boyfriend said “its like an elite desert”. “You got that right!” I said. So while eating this delicious snack I realized that unlike other chocolate covered ice cream bars the chocolate wasn’t falling off with every bite. It wasn’t even messy !!! How could this be? An chocolate covered ice cream bar that leaves no mess whatsoever and doesn’t melt before you get to the end. This was by far the best Ice Cream Bar that I have every tried and have purchased more since. The only thing that I would maybe improve upon is the amount you get in a box, maybe even 4 or six? 3 is an odd number and we all like to share don’t we? I would highly recommend this bar to everyone !!!! 5 stars !!!!

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