When you reach your 40’s you start to search the market for the best anti-aging creams. Forget the healthy eating, water drinking and exercise routines WE WANT RESULTS NOW !!!! So with this logic I found myself walking down the isles at the local drug mart searching for a miracle worker. Low and behold I find shining before me a box of NIVEA Q10 PLUS ANTI-WRINKLE EYE CARE. The product claims to visibly reduce the look of wrinkles around the eyes and to gradually minimize the look of dark circles under your eyes. “Sounds good to me” I thought and hey bonus it’s on sale ! I grabbed the box and headed to the cashier eyes wide open (just to hide how much I really needed the stuff). So I went about the rest of my day as usual and then night time came and it was time to start the test. It says on the box to use daily but I chose to use it before bed. I did my cleansing, toning and moisturizing then duh duh duh Q10 time. I patted the product gently into my skin under the eyes and off to the side and then thought hey it couldn’t hurt to pat some on my marionette lines (you know, those pesky lines at the side of your lips that droop down to your chin).

I have to say that after a couple of weeks I have noticed a big change in the way my eyes look, I am sending those bags packing ! Now the wrinkles are not 100% gone and the bags are still lingering around but not as much as before. I will continue using NIVEA’S Q10 PLUS ANTI-WRINKLE EYE CARE because it works. I would highly recommend this to those of you who are on the market for something new in eye care. It’s light weight, absorbs fast and comes as a fragrance free formula.

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