For starters, I have to admit that I am the kind of person who likes to have her clothes looking like new all the time. I’ve been doing pretty good so far and with the help of OXICLEAN Max Force Spray my job will be much easier. I was given this product for free from Chick Advisor in exchange for my honest opinion. I must say that came to me at a pretty good time.

My niece managed to somehow get chocolate all over the back of her jacket. I decided what better time to try OXICLEAN MaxForce Spray than now. So I grabbed the jacket and sprayed the product directly on the stain. I let it soak over night and then threw it into the washing machine the next morning. In the dryer it went as my curiosity grew more and more. I was actually excited to see the results. Finally, the results were in…. Although it was not 100% gone it did dramatically reduce the stain. I was thinking to myself that I should give it another spray but this time use an old toothbrush and rub it once I spray it again. Hopefully it will get it all this time around. I recommend OXICLEAN MaxForce Spray to all those people out there who like their clothes looking like new even after their ‘past due date’.

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