Sole Patches: Wear your shoes all day…painlessly!

If you wear dress shoes often enough then you are no stranger to the pain that your heels take on a regular basis. Recently, I was fortunate enough to have received Sole Patches complimentary from Brand Backer in exchange for my honest opinion on how I thought they worked. I can say without a doubt that these where truly a productΒ  I would purchase a few times per year.
I have a very high arch on my feet because of a neurological disorder I have called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is often hard for me to find a pair of shoes that not only fit right but that feel comfortable all day long. In comes this new product and I instantly notice a difference. The cushioning of these heel pads are heavenly, they are so soft and padded just enough to give the semblance of walking on a yoga mat.
There are several ways that you can wear these patches, you can place them directly on the balls of your feet, on your heels or even place them in your shoes for a bit more of a permanent solution. No matter what variation you use it will work just the same for your level of comfort.
Overall I found that these patches eliminated the pain and soreness I felt after wearing heals all day long. I also found that my feet where no longer sliding forward when I wore them. I do admit at first that I worried a bit about how it would make my feet smell however they ended up feeling clean and dry after hours of use.
I highly recommend these patches to those of you who are on their feet all day long. You can easily order them and find out more about these patches atΒ

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