The harsh winter weather can sometimes take its toll on your body leaving it drierΒ  than the Sahara Desert. Your feet are usually punished the most and walking around on them all day only makes it worse. I have tried several different creams and lotions to smooth out the mess left behind but none work as well as Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repairing Serum.

Every woman has a different need when it comes to their skin so it’s no wonder that there are sooooo many products out there in the market to help with each
individuals need. Trial and error then becomes the task at hand to rid the pesky dryness. It sometimes really sucks to have to spend hundreds of dollars to find the holy grail but other times if you are lucky you can hit the jackpot on one of the first few tries. Lucky for me it didn’t take too long nor too much money to find
what works for me. I found 100% relief with Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repairing Serum. Who knew relief would come in under $10 dollars a bottle. That’s right 200mL of advanced relief for under 10 bucks. Cue the trumpets please.

This product not only smooths out your skin, it also heals it giving it that little bit of a protective layer that lasts longer than just the regular moisturizer does.
It gives you 10x the repairing power to calm severely dry skin. I use this repairing serum 2 to 3 times a week because it’s that good at ridding the dryness
from my feet. I apply a small amount on my feet right after getting out of the shower and will put on a pair of socks to let it really soak in. I occasionally put
it on at night before bed if I need that extra little boost from a harsh day of walking around.

It caries the scent of rose and amber that doesn’t smell too strong however I’ve read reviews that others have had a problem with it be being a bit overpowering. To each their own but I have never had a problem with it personally. For those of you that have an issue with stronger scents there are two other ones that work just as good (one with cocoa butter and the other with a vanilla / floral scent). The bottle’s expiration is a bit longer than most I’ve seen as it caries a 12 month
period while several others last only 6. If you suffer from severely dry skin and don’t have too much of a problem with a bit of a scent then I would recommend
trying this product. It truly has been my go to for instant relief of dryness on the soles of my feet.

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