So here I am, it’s the new me thanks to Vichy’s LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 SUPREME ! I have always thought of myself as being a person who takes pride in my facial cleansing. Morning and night I would wash, tone and moisturize my face to keep a youthful glow on my 44 year old skin. Sadly I had never heard of (or paid attention to) facial serums. This was all new to me so obviously I was not sure exactly how to use it at first. I was anxious to get started, so the first night I cleansed my face as usual and then applied the serum as I would moisturizer…. Eek what a mistake that was. I felt my face burning quite a bit but thought maybe its because its working and that’s what it does. I looked in the mirror a while later and noticed my face was slightly swollen, nothing really to worry about so I jumped on to the internet to see how other people applied face serums. I was suppose to put only a few drops in my hand, rub them together and just lightly pat my face holding gently for 3 to 5 seconds everywhere and then down to my neck. Phew the next couple of weeks were much better using these simple words of advice. I was a newbie so mistakes were made but I am happy that I learnt a new thing. They really should have included instructions on how to use it properly.

Now on to the actual review.

Vichy Laboratories has put together an age defying product that has made my face appear not only years younger but much smoother and brighter. I wanted to give the product more than just 10 days to be able to give it a better review. The product is easy to apply with its little pump dropper. There is barely any smell to the product thus making it pleasant to apply to your face. The serum is fast acting leaving your face feeling moisturized and smooth almost immediately. I have noticed that the marionette lines and wrinkles around my eyes have been slowing disappearing. I did find that when putting the dropper back into the bottle you would lose some product on the side of the top if you weren’t careful. I also found that you had to wash your hands promptly to avoid that sticky feel. The last couple days I have decided to use the product a little more sparingly (mainly because of the bigger price tag) and opted to use the product in the morning to start my day. I feel that it has the same effect just using it once a day.

I am a happy customer and will be looking into using their other products. I have already recommended this to friends and even told the ladies at the local pharmacy to recommend it to those looking for a good face serum.

Thanks Vichy Laboratories for helping me keep my skin looking youthful and smooth !

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