VILEDA PROMIST Max Spray Mop Review

When I was told that I was going to be one of the lucky people that would take part of the Vileda Promist Max Spray Mop testers I was more than excited as there is a large amount of traffic that runs through my house. Sadly a lot of the people wear shoes in the house so this mop is such a great tool. I have used the mop several times now because it is such an easy product to use and it also gets in some hard to get places. All you need is a couple pumps of the mist and you are on your way to clean an entire room. I love that they made a flipping head so that you don’t have to stop half way through to change any pads, you can just keep on going. The spray bottle is super easy to remove and refill with just the just one-touch release button. I also like that I will be able to save money with the washable microfibre pad. This is one mop that will staying in this house for a long while. I highly recommend it for all those who feel like they are forever “tidying up”. Go give it a try !

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