Where to begin with the journey?

Have you ever felt like you are always so busy helping others that once you are given time to yourself you have no idea what to do? You’ve been so focused on keeping things around you in order that you’ve forgotten to give YOU any attention? Well you’re not alone!
So many of us feel like this and many of us who come from big families experience this A LOT. We help other family members so often that we end up putting our needs off to the side, you know, the back burner. Relationships will do it to you too because you focus on making others happy thus forgetting about what makes you happy. Sometimes you might even tell yourself that making others happy makes you happy. Is it true? Is this what’s really happening or are we afraid to take accountability for our own actions and/or fearful that we may fail at something? In any case if you feel that something just ain’t right maybe it isn’t but there’s no need to worry.
Change is scary but it’s also challenging. Who doesn’t love a challenge? It gets you looking forward to something positive and something for YOU. Trust me, you aren’t alone on this journey my friend. I’m just as confused as you are but I know that we can get through this together. Sure I write reviews about products that I come across daily , I write them knowing that it can be of use to those looking to try out something new. I also post a daily joke on my personal Facebook profileΒ  because I know that for at least one second I put a smile on someone’s face and hopefully brightened up their day. I will fully admit that the jokes might not be for everybody but none are posted meaning ill-will towards anyone. I mean I try to post things that people might not get offended by so usually sexual jokes are the go to. Why? Well most of us are familiar with the content and it’s kind of hard to get offended by it. So if you know me (which you will in time) you will know that I am always looking to make someone smile, I am always there ready to give you a boost, I am always looking at finding ways to build your confidence and always looking to lend a hand. (Remember how I said that I focus on others much more than myself? well there ya have it).
Everyday I will do my best to share in a journey that hopefully will inspire you to do the same. I guess that’s it for now.
Welcome and buckle up because I can guarantee that this will be a bumpy ride at first but I also assure you that you are not alone and that we can get through this together!

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